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Tobya Negash has been a practitioner and facilitator of Spiritual Awakening Courses,  Therapeutic Bodywork, Mindfulness Movement, Energy Healing, and Transformational Life Coaching for over 20 years.


Some of the courses she offers are Mindfulness Meditation and Movement practices, Dream Yoga and other Buddhist practices, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, 5 Elements, Mantra, Chakra Therapy, Peruvian Shamanism, Awakening Paranormal Abilities and Manifestation by aligning to Synchronicity, she offers many other courses for all ages and levels. All of her offerings are in service of helping people tap into and connect to their inner divine wisdom and celestial spirit guides. 

From an early age, Tobya showed signs of clairvoyance and was gifted with the ability to see angels, guides, and dear ones who had passed on, as well as remote viewing, plant and animal communication, and inter-dimensional mediumship. She realized she had a responsibility to be of service to others in order to help them align, awaken, and nurture their gifts to their highest form. 

Her workshops and meditation courses are taught in Europe and the USA. When in Europe, her main home is Damanhur, a spiritual eco-community in Northern Italy where she has been given the name OKAPI. She has completed the Mystery School and is now following their Meditation path, as a spiritual researcher and sacred dancer.

​Tobya has collaborated with Yoga instructors, Holistic Chefs, Wellness Centers, Business Networks, Astrologers, and Bodyworkers. As part of our current collaboration, we are developing courses and retreats to help individuals connect with their spiritual selves at ancient sites all over the world, in order to heal themselves from the inside out, as well as an app that teaches mindfulness and awakening spiritual energies step-by-step.

She is passionate about embracing and supporting all beings who wish to uncover, discover, and express their highest potential and personal power, and inner freedom.

"It is my path in this life to help raise the consciousness and the vibration of the planet via empowering individuals to live in the ever-expanding Now from a place of truth, integrity, and infinite joy."

The TIME is NOW.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Let Infinite Awakenings Begin!

Tobya Negash: Manager of Infinite Awakening
Infinite Awakening, LLC Copyright© 2020 All Rights Reserved
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