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Give the gift of ANCHI Crystals

The ANCHI Crystal Story

Sometimes the most amazing discoveries are a result of unexpected discoveries. This story began several years ago when two women in their fifties had a desire to find minerals to replicate natural mineral hot springs inorder to use them in spas and homes. They needed a source free from toxic elements. So, with this in mind, they secured a geographical location and even patents. Little did they know, an amazing adventure had just begun.

The first inkling of this was a call from the Netherlands and a question, “Do you know if these minerals organize water?” The answer was no, the women did not know. The request was made and a sample was next sent to London. The response, yes, the minerals did indeed organize water, the women did not know what that meant at first. But they soon learned that when water was exposed to ANCHI minerals from the site, its molecules aligned themselves in such a way that created more beneficial and healthful water. The women were curious to learn more.

There was much information on the Internet from plastic surgeons, professional athletes, and health-conscious practitioners all expressing the positive bio-benefits of organized or “living” water.

As an experiment these women mixed sparkling, glitter sized ANCHI Crystals into a facial mask. By the time the mask dried, they looked 10-years younger and their skin radiated with renewed vibrancy. This eventually led to the development of Annaé Geoceutical Skin Care products, which utilize the minerals under the trade name of POME Crystals, making these rejuvenating benefits available to every skin type. These creams a not currently available but as soon as they are they too will be available on my Infinite Awakening site! So stay tuned for that :)

Seeing was believing, which activated their curiosity to learn more. They were told to attend the ISSSEEM (International Society for the study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine) Conference in Boulder, Colorado, the town where they had just moved! To their amazement, the Conference was to take place in 10-days, which was perfect timing for them.

Korotkov, who had developed software to document subtle energies and life force in several categories. The USSR led the US in research on subtle energies. Dr Korotkov’s software is used primarily in hospitals in Russia. After examining the ANCHI Crystals, the scientist asked if he could use water that had been exposed to the crystals in his presentation for the Conference. He first showed waters sent to him from different parts of the world, including technologically organized water. He then tested the local water, which originated from the pristine Colorado Mountains, but when treated with chemicals, showed no life force, and was black on the large presentation screens. Next was the drop of water exposed to ANCHI Crystals. There was a large star of moving white light on the screen that was repeated 5 times in succession. There was an audible gasp throughout the audience!

Five types of waters were tested, including distilled, purified for cosmetics, spring water, Evian, and Holy Water. Holy Water was from a European spring that came up from the Earth naturally organized. Dr Korotkov doubted if ANCHI Crystals could raise its life force – but they did. The geological rarity of the ANCHI Crystal site had already been discussed by University of New Orleans professor, Dr Al Falser. Now additional properties were being documented.

As more information was collected, the women began to develop a strong sense of stewardship toward the site. They secured the mineral rights to the additional acreage around the original mine to insure its miraculous properties would be held in honour. They utilized everything they gathered from their mine with integrity. They chose to preserve the synergy of the community of crystals. Later the women would learn of the possibility of a vortex-like geomagnetic field above the site that was so strong it could imprint the ground below with its powerful electromagnetic properties. This bestowed the minerals at the site have epitaxial attributes, which is the ability to store, template, and exactly transfer the benefits of the original geo-imprint TM. This energetic imprint is the source of the ANCHI field and the ANCHI Crystals‘uniqueness.


  1. Promotes living in the optimum state of wholeness.

  2. Helps body maintain the desired energy flow to a greater degree throughout the day.

  3. Reduceds the impact of computers and other electronic devices that interfere with our electromagnetic fields.

  4. Affects the bodies energy centres and field in positive ways promoting mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  5. Soothe and smooth out the effects of stress.

  6. Pain relief

  7. Hightens meditation and manifestation

  8. Purifies and activates water (for drinking, cooking, bathing etc)

  9. And much more...

using Ahchi crystal

ANCHI Crystals may be safely used anywhere on the body. Generally they are placed on the heart, third eye, or areas of pain. They do not require focus or meditation.They are, however, important companions to meditative practices. ANCHI Crystals do not alter mental faculties. They can be used any time throughout the day and are great to have while driving or traveling. It is highly recommended to use them to synchronize your systems before sleep by placing a pouch on your heart or another desired area. It is acceptable that they fall off the body during the night and remain in the bed. Your own insights can be the greatest source of where to place them. ANCHI Wraps are the answer to tying ANCHI Crystals in place. ANCHI jewelry is a personal means of wearing a source of the ANCHI Field. Love Lift Bra Inserts provide a lingerie product that is convenient for women to incorporate the ANCHI Field. All have been designed to fit conveniently into our busy lifestyles and allow access to the benefits of ANCHI Crystals.

some of my experiences with them...

I have an ANCHI wrap that as funny as it is I have nicknamed it my "binky" haha no, really as funny as it sounds, it's true. I never had a "binky" as a child but I sure have one as an adult and that is my crystal ANCHI wrap! I have carried it around now for about 8 years it's one of the favourite spiritual tools and crystal friends. It is not the original one I bought though as I gave that one away to someone who I let hold it for a few mins because they were having abdominal pains after surgery and then didn't want to give it back. I didn't have the heart to take it back from them as it took away their pain. In the end, I told them they could keep it and I would get a new one. Which I did and I haven't parted with it since. I put it around my neck for neck pain or when I have a sore throat. On my back when it's sore, over my heart when I feel sad, on my head when I get headaches, it comes to bed with me every night. I also have several small ANCHI crystal pouches, which that I sometimes put on my heart, third eye or carry around in my pockets and hold when meditating.

ANCHI (pronounced AHH-n-chi) is an acronym for “Ancient Chi”. Chi is the name for the vital force thought to be inherent in all things according Chinese doctrines as well as an increasing number of western perspectives. The unimpeded circulation of Chi is held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine. The Ancient Chi referred to in the name of ANCHI is the 1.6 billion year old geological imprint containing the original ordained life building energy patterns of Earth. These patterns were transferred and encoded into the community of over 50 different minerals found at the unique ANCHI Crystal site. The beneficial properties of the ANCHI field around the crystals positively affect whatever body that is near them, be it human, animal, plant, or water.

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