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Self-Hypnosis vs Meditation

Throughout my life, I have been exploring these two at a great depth and what I have found is that there are great benefits in using both Self- Hypnosis and Meditation but for different reasons. Both are incredible ways to speed up and help change and evolve the area’s of one's life, especially where without knowing it we self sabotage ourselves. I feel that sometimes we go against ourselves without knowing it due to unconscious self-harming beliefs or patterns we have been playing out over and over again. There are many areas in life where this happens but for the benefit of this article, I wish to focus on the area of LOVE in all its forms universal, self, love for our precious ones and cosmic or divine love. We will first explore both Meditation and Self-Hypnosis there benefits and uses and then explore some ways to heal, resolve and expand the energy of love in our lives.

How are meditation and self-hypnosis different? Through meditation we focus on a mantra, breath, etc. with open eyes or closed, observing letting thoughts coming and go and the byproduct of this brings about its benefits which are inner peace, concentration, being present, altered states, expanding our awareness and consciousness etc. Self-Hypnosis /Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, it can be done with music, breathing slowly with calming music, there are many technics and it can be guided by a professional or administer to oneself hense the term "Self-Hypnosis." We enter into it with a specific goal in mind, a specific topic of behaviour that we wish to change, shift or heal within ourselves. Guided meditation, however, is very similar to hypnosis- its also about achieving an altered state of consciousness however it's mostly about accessing and making changes on the subconscious level. It too can either be guided by a trained professional in person or it can be self-guided listening to a video or you could even record your self guiding yourself through the process. With meditation, the goal is more of that which blooms out of mediation experiences, for example, feeling a greater sense of relaxation and presence. While with hypnosis there is a clear objective of that which we wish to change.

I Have tried all of the above, and my personal experience with it all has to lead me to uncover that I most enjoy and see the biggest results in my life through using Self Hypnosis both by listening to affirmation videos and by recording my voice with some calming music and saying positive self-affirming statements to myself. I find it adds to and deepens my meditation practices in many beautiful ways.

Self Hypnosis can be achieved very simply by getting yourself into a relaxed state by slowing the breath and listening to positive suggestions and or say them to yourself in a relaxed state.

What are the benefits?

  • Brain state changes from beta to alpha brain waves 

  • Increased internal focus

  • Changed behaviour from unconscious to a conscious level

  • Increases our capacity to use our imagination

  • Helps to recall things, messages from the body, and deepest parts of self

  • Useful for releasing fears, healing past traumas, obstacle, reduce physical discomfort, reduces stress

  • Reprograms subconscious mind


Feel more intrigued about self- hypnosis? Well, I have a treat for you. I have made a special video with Self-Love statements to help you expand and the love within. I am excited to share this video so that you too may experience the benefits of Self-Hypnosis. So let us dive deep together with this video, allow the beautiful music to wash over you and positive love statements to take you on a journey deep into yourself.

Love is sought after yet in the end, especially for those riding the waves of life on a spiritual path. We always return to love, for within this energetic force lies the keys to everything we seek. When the end comes and we leave this earthbound existence we will review our lives, the choices we've made. Ask yourself this...What will matter most? How much you lived or How deep you loved?

"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." —Rumi, 13th-century Sufi poet

For those who are intereted in this topic and would like to go further down the rabbit hole here are some of my reading suggestions:

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