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The Power of the Pyramid Shape

For centuries the study of pyramids or pyramidology has been a theme of many scholars and parapsychologists. Pyramid Power is based on the theory that pyramid shapes and more specifically built to the dimensions and proportions of the Great Cheops Pyramid in Egypt and the Phi-Ratio, Nubian Pyramids can generate powerful energies that can dramatically change one's energies in many positive ways. Metaphysical researchers have found that the four sides emit positive energy that neutralizes negative energy.

How does This energy work?

Pyramids produce negative ions which are said to have a balancing effect on the body's electromagnetic field. Negative ions help repair the cells of the body. They are transmitted into the body through the air and then circulated by the blood. Too many positive ions result in air pollution and have been known to cause depression, and other illnesses. Thus, negative ions have a beneficial effect on the body. This effect is greatly enhanced if the materials used to make the pyramids are gold or copper.


Various experiments have shown that pyramids have the power to change the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals who have been exposed to its vibrations:

  • They can remove and recycle stagnant negative energies replacing it with focus harmonizing energies.

  • They are amplifiers and can increase the power of intentions, prayer and meditation: they also elevate the energies of the pineal and pituitary glands encouraging sensations such as balance, relaxation, tranquillity, well-being, and in some instances, the reduction of headaches.

  • Food kept under a pyramid is said to stay fresh three times longer than uncovered food.

  • It improves the aura of a person

  • Mediating under and hanging pyramid or in a large Pyramid structure can help the person increase their level of consciousness and aid in self-healing on multiple levels.

  • Placing Shanghite pyramid crystals in the corners of your home can protect your body from radioactivity produced from EMF frequencies of phones and computers as well they can remove fatigue and anxiety.

  • Improves eyesight and hearing

  • Speeds up the healing process of injuries, even broken bones.

  • Improves cognitive abilites and concentration

  • Sleeping under a hanging pyramid can slow the ageing process and promote astral travel and lucid dream experiences.

Research and experiments have shown that pyramid powers change the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals who have been exposed to its vibrations. On a personal note I have meditated and slept under and used pyramids over my massage table to give healing treatments to others. Every single client (including myself) have expressed that the Pyramid makes the energy immensely stronger. This device is able to focus and direct Universal Life-force energy and in my option is an incredible tool for health, healing, and Meditation. After all we are all energy and every cell in our bodies vibrates, everything around us a unique frequency.


Here are some of the benefits I and my clients have reported experiencing with this Pyramid:

  • Tingling sensations.

  • Feelings of Warmth.

  • The sensation of Floating above the bed/or massage table

  • A profound sense of Relaxation, Peace and Joy.

  • Lucid and Vivid Dreams, some with vivid colours.

  • Reduction in Mental Chatter.

  • Reduction in Physical Pain and Discomfort.

  • Some have reported experiencing time slowing down or speeding up.

  • A more Profound Meditation experience.

  • Increased Energy levels.

  • The Body vibrating or feeling buzzing sensations.

  • Feeling like the body is rotating in a Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise direction.

I encourage you to try Pyramid Power for your self, for me the journey is still ongoing. Pyramids are a mysterious enigma that I truly feel hold a wealth of knowledge still yet to be revealed, one that constantly entertains, stimulates our dreams and imagination opening us up to the possibility of something that takes us far beyond logic, science and even this planet..

“My Word is bind, stone set, no Rosetta. The stones progress a finished pyramid of hidden codes, messages, encryption, and ancient wisdom.”

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