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Tools To Deepen Awakening

When I say "spiritual tools for awakening," I'm referring to personal spiritual instruments that help you tap into your inner strength and inherent abilities. Each of us, like the layers of an onion, may always delve deeper to find the beauty of this multi-layered and multi-faceted experience known as awakening. These instruments have the power to expand of your spiritual awakening, healing, and development. By include these spiritual awakening tools and techniques into your toolkit, you will be able to expand your inherent talents and perception.

Everyone's path is unique. What you really want and what your inner limitations are may differ between you and your neighbor. You could be someone who has been estranged from their ancestors, from nature, or the deepest parts of yourself and require a powerful instrument to reconnect. You could be someone who comes from an emotionally troubled family and or has had a string of abusive relationships and require powerful tools to sever any ties or energy cords still tying you to these draining painful feelings. It's a really personal thing, and because it's so crucial, you'll need to be clear about your challenges in order to find the right tools that will serve you the most at this point in your life.

Here are some things to consider while deciding which spiritual tool to use and when. When gathering items for your spiritual toolbox, it's a good idea to ask yourself questions to figure out what your soul is yearning for. This can help you identify the greatest road map of healing and awakening tools to illuminate your journey and/or deepen the awakenings you've already had:

What are my primary concerns?

You might say something like "I'm a closed hearted person," if so why? If you can take a moment to clarify why that is...

Where do I feel weakest, most depressed, or even where in my life am I most negatively affected?

What irritates me the most?

What kinds of cycles do I experience in my life? This could include but is not limited to, things like dating the same kinds of individuals, having the same kinds of disputes with your friends and family, and working in the same kinds of occupations, etc...

What traumatic incidents, if any, have I gone through? What impact did this have on my mind, heart, body, and energy?

After you have some clarity inside yourself about what you wish to shine a light on. The fun can begin!

Many people are experiencing a quickening of recall and going through the reawaking process at an accelerated rate in this new millennium and with all the new energies on Earth. As a result, some people may pick up low vibrational energy and even battle with life's various energies. As a result, knowing, understanding, and employing metaphysical tools for spiritual cleanliness is critical.

Here are the some of my favourite tools to amplify spiritual awakening you might want to consider? Many of which you can find on my site Infinite Awakening, some are companies I know and trust and use myself, others are as simple as stopping and being still with yourself for 5mins.

Here are six tools you may want to add to your spiritual toolbox.

1. Silence, Stillness, and Aloneness, meditations in silence or with a guided voice done alone are Spiritual Power Tools.

Silence, sitting quiet, and being alone are all important aspects of most spiritual traditions. We can't help but be ourselves when we're alone. Everything we have to cope with is a result of our own actions. The clamorous mind. Back problems. The agitated feelings. That belongs to us. That is something we cannot deny or escape. As a result, sitting alone in silence can have a significant influence on someone. If things really become churned up inside, it becomes a powerful tool (and only you can tell). Also, if you become really clear and at peace about your life. Being still and just being with yourself changes you in some profound and long-lasting ways. Even 5 mins of stopping and staring at a tree, the sky or closing your eyes and looking inward while takings some deep breaths can do wonders.

Adding Stillness and Meditation to your life, can increase concentration, allow you feel the present moment, it can resolve stress, whether positive or negative, anxiety, chronic pain, sadness, high blood pressure and more.

2. Mindset: Thought Creates

The correct mindset is one of humility, trust and joy. It's a desire to know yourself completely and to be in the present moment. The amazing fact is that you are always here and now, and as a result, we can realize that there is nowhere to go. Because our energy is allowed to rest and sink down roots inside of us instead of being wasted in frequent diversions, our mindset can unlock a lot of inner adjustments (actions, thoughts, experiences, and feelings). Understanding that you are constantly creating your reality from your mindstate, this allows you to flow in the way that is most authentic to you. You can then begin to see your obstacles as well as your gifts as a result of that knowledge. Therefore be the magic you wish to see in your life. Cultivate a positive, humorous, grateful, and a relaxed mind. Here are some of my is an affirmation video's to get you started.

Create a possitive mindset about:

3. Communicate with the plant world

The smell of flowers and fresh grass, the feel of delicate petals, the sound of birds singing, and the quiet buzz of bees may all be sensory delights. Not to mention the kaleidoscope of colors seen in the grasses, shrubs, and trees, as well as the rainbow of colors seen in the flowers.. Feel the cool breeze of the warm sun or the soothing rain on your face. Make a conscious effort to observe all of the distinct scents and colors. Keep an eye out for what's going on around you; is the route stoney or muddy? Is the air wet or dry? Walking in the wilderness is one of the most grounding activities you can undertake. Walking on the earth connects you to the Earth and its vibrations, which will assist you in harmonising and aligning higher frequencies. If your not able to get out into nature as often as you like you can begin by simply aligning with your house plants, or the tree in your nehiborhood and other plant friends in plain sight. Here is an amazing tool you can carry with you and literally hear what your plants have to say to you though musical impulses. Its called Bamboo.

How it works: The instrument is attached to the plant via two electrodes, one of which is placed on a leaf and the other of which is inserted into the soil near the plant's roots. The technology allows a plant to play music based on its health, surroundings, and overall mood.

4. Crystal Healing

This is the point at which science and mysticism collide: Crystals have existed for millions of years and were formed during the creation of the earth itself. Because crystals preserve all of the information they have ever been exposed to, they are a timeless store of knowledge. Crystals absorb information and transmit it on to everybody who comes into contact with them, whether it's a severe weather pattern or the experience of an old ceremony. Crystals are the most organized structure in nature, with the lowest level of entropy, according to science (a measurement of disorder). Crystals are built in such a way that they respond to all different types of energy inputs. The resonance of the earth and the cosmos is transmitted through crystals. They can show us what vibrations that are needed in order to attract what we want in our life, transmute and transform heavy energies and increase our level of awarness while we have them in our presence. Crystals can be wonderful companions whether you are just beginning your spiritual awakening journey or wish to ‘level up.' Crystal healing allows your body to automatically understand itself and reveal the resolution by channeling energies that help relax and reduce stress. Crystals can help to ground and balance, heal and invigorate, purify and cleanse both the mind  body and spirit.

5. Selfica

Selfica technology is a form of knowledge that arrived on our planet when a new stage of magic emerged, one in which humans became active participants in the flow of synchronicity. Selfica is an empirical discipline centered on the usage of circuits and spirals that can house a purely energtic intelligence that exchanges information with the person who owns it, working in tandem with the person who owns it for to increase spiritual growth:

Selfic items can be seen as living objects that interchange energy with their owners, energy that is geared toward the person's well-being, balance, and rejuvenation.

Metals are the best support for these energtic intelligences who are unable to engage with our space-time.

Each selfica has a specific function this one for example spreads joy and increases the vibration of light and joy in any environment. Its called the JOY self.

6. Sacred Geomery

Geometric sequences are used to produce DNA molecules, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flowers, gemstones, a seashell, the constellations, the cosmos we spiral inside, the air we breathe, and all living forms. The ancients were thought to feel that the experience of Sacred Geometry was fundamental to the soul's education. They understood that these patterns and codes represented our own inner domain and that they were important for greater consciousness and self-awareness. Our awareness spirals down through the patterns of the golden ratio, and we are about to reverse the spiral (spin) and return to source consciousness and light. To comprehend reality, one must concentrate on the patterns that have recurred over time, as if on a higher octave with each soul-programmed experience. In the twenty-first century, science and science fiction are merging as everything becomes obvious and the nature of reality, as based on a sacred geometric pattern, is understood. It's not nearly as difficult as it appears. Sacred geometry strengthens our spiritual connection while also promoting harmony inside ourselves and between ourselves and the rest of the planet.

This is a 3-D Star

Opens the crown chakra, allowing people to experience immediate, deep meditation and intuitive connections.

It improves the connection with your inner navigation system. It also, increases ones awareness and improves left and right hemispheric brain function.

We are in the midst of a massive transformation, and worldwide spiritual awareness is at an all-time high. Now that you have some tools, to help you walk this path of awakening, you can re-energize your efforts to co-create a truly harmonious future for you and all of Earth's beings. As the world becomes more chaotic by the day, it's critical to develop and maintain a toolkit of personal resilience and empowerment skills.

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