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Who Is Awakening?

DURING MY MORNING MEDITATION MORE AND MORE I FEEL THAT WHICH I THOUGHT MYSELF TO BE DISSOLVING into EMPTINESS... and with it this thought that keeps arising in me Who is awakening?

When we take a leap into the unknown off the edge of who we think ourselves to be beyond appearances, thoughts, and beliefs. It can help to investigate who is your real “I”, and “awaken” a wider sort of consciousness.

 By delving inside the abyss of thy self with the help of sitting meditation, you allow the spaciousness of conscious awareness, to expand and unravel you, to reveal your real “I”.

You will come to realize that you are more than what you thought yourself to be, your physical body, your individuality, or your ego. You may come to realize that your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are only one small layer and that your awareness and consciousness are held within that which is beyond them. For some these words may seem strange for others these words may be what you are currently experiencing. In the end we all land here those like myself, on the path of meditation and infinite awakening. 

Awareness Is Like a Bright Light Piercing through everything. 

The real “I”, is like a bright sun shining in, like the sun's rays streaming through the trees, however, it often may seem like it is hiding from view. In order for it to shine clearly, the layers and covers need to be pulled back. These covers are our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and habits. By pulling them away, we allow our brilliant internal bright light of awareness to stream in and our true being to unravel and lighten up.

How do we stop the chatter of the mind, still the emotions, neutralize habits and beliefs in order to touch simply and deeply the light of our awareness? One of the simplest ways is the "Who am I?" meditation. This was one of the first meditations I learned over 20 years ago and it still is one of the most profound and direct meditations I like to use to connect to the real "I."

Let us take a moment and drop in together. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn off all electronics

  2. Close your eyes and listen to your breath. Breath in and out slowly, slowing the inhale and exhale with each breath.

  3. Pay attention to all that is arising in you. Feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts, and clouds passing by in the sky let each come and go.

  4. Then say to yourself "who am I?"

  5. Rest in the silent space after asking the question, let go of trying to respond with words. 

  6. After experimenting with the "Who Am I." Try taking it on a walk through your day. "Who Is Walking? Who Is Seeing Sun Set?" "Who Is Awakening?"

"You have experienced moments in your life, whether or not you are aware of them, when you momentarily forgot the “I” with which you have been identified. It can happen spontaneously at a beautiful sight, or it can occur from egoic forgetfulness. People usually discount these moments. After experiencing the “nice moment,” you then reconstitute your familiar sense of identity. But actually these opportunities are like little peepholes through which the truth is experienced." ~ Adyashanti

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